Friday, September 23, 2016


Continuing to reteach concepts.  We use whiteboards, worksheets; students have a Math Journal to work out their problems.

In Ms. Kempe's classes, she is working on Decimals, Fractions & Percentages, which we are also working with in our 6th grade Supplemental classes.

In Ms. Parrish & Ms. Chiang's classes, they are working with decimals (addition/subtraction). So 5th grade Supplemental classes are working on these concepts.

In all classes we are doing Aleks on the IPads. First step, students took a Knowledge Check. This entailed 30 questions on various concepts. Aleks then took the data and put together topics the student needed to learn/master to help him/her in their regular Math class. Once a week, students work on their individualized topics for one class period.

We are also utilizing the IPads to do a program called Math Drills, to help with multiplication facts.  Please continue to work with your student on their multiplication facts every night for at least 5-10 minutes a night. It is important for your student to know their multiplication facts, as this will help them be more successful in their Math classes.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Start of School

Hello Everyone,

Welcome Back to School.  We are going to have fun learning about Math.

I will be teaching two 5th grade Supplemental Math classes on A-Days; 1st period in Ms. Chiang's room and 5th period in Mrs. Banta's room.

I will also be teaching two 6th grade Supplemental Math classes on B-Days; 2nd period in Ms. Kempe's room and 4th period in Ms. Wright's room.

There will be no homework, tests or quizzes in my classes. I will help students with homework, as needed, reteaching concepts that students are struggling with, and will also be using a Math program called Aleks, utilizing the IPads.

Aleks will be utilized once a week. Students will take a knowledge check on Aleks. This will determine which concepts the student needs to work on.  Also, Ms. Puckett will be visiting our classes once a week to work on IEP Math goals for students with IEPs.

Class activities will be working with white boards, worksheets, etc.  Any worksheets we do in class will go home with students. We will do part of the problems together and part will be done independently. We will always go over the answers. Any worksheets, not completed, are not to be returned. Students may complete the worksheet at their leisure and also as a reteaching tool.

Please have your student work on their multiplication facts everyday for no more than 10 minutes a day. Students have been told to pick a fact a week and have their parents test them.  The more they know their multiplication facts, the better they will do in 5th/6th grade math.

My grading is as follows:
Class Activities - 30 points
Class Participation - 20 points
Aleks Goals - 30 points
Aleks Participation - 20 points